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iheartradio backstage 20.9.14

iheartradio backstage 20.9.14

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Anonymous sent: hi liz!! i was wondering if you could link me that calendar you posted with scary movies the whole month of october? i really wanted to do this with my friend - is it ok if i use your list? thank youuu

here you go! and of course you can use it! just please ignore where my roommate wrote friday the 14th ahahah she meant friday the 13th

jokedads sent: yo i was creeping on your tags and I was wondering what that fic was called that was the sixth hp book from ginny's perspective? thanks so much xo

it’s called sink into your eyes :)

I haven’t read it in years but I remember loving it so SO MUCH so I’m sorry if it sucks and I had bad taste hahahah


2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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When I look back on my time in therapy, I wonder if I could’ve done a better job of making it work for me. Maybe I should’ve offered up specific changes that I wanted to see to the therapists, such as “I want to stop crying several times a week” or “I need to learn to be okay with being single.” (Both of these things happened without the help of a therapist, by the way.) But…I didn’t really know that I needed to do that. I saw my therapists as authority figures. I assumed they knew what they were doing, and that they would ask me for specific things if they needed to. I had only the vaguest ideas of how therapy is “supposed” to work, because my psychology classes mainly focused on theories and not on practice.

If you find yourself doing nothing but venting about your problems in therapy–without necessarily then developing any sort of plan to help resolve or cope with the problems–that’s a red flag. Venting can be therapeutic in its own right, but you shouldn’t have to pay for the opportunity to do it. Therapists have a responsibility to provide the best treatment they can; it’s literally in our code of ethics. You deserve that from your therapist.

Venting About Your Problems Is Therapy’s Failure Mode (via caterjunes)

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